Saturday, April 19, 2008

My eleventh alchemy discovery

This is the last transmute discovery. Transmute primal mana into primal fire.
Now it's only Flask of Might Restoration left. Gogo!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dailies Quest Tracker

With the increase of 10 dailies per day to 25 in patch 2.4, this addon becomes so so handy.
The name of the SSO quests may be different from the ones you are doing. It is because this addon uses the quest name of the completed phase.
You can download Dailies Quest Tracker here. Enjoy!

Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests: you love and hate them

The new faction Shatter Sun Offensive brought a lot of daily quests with them. All players participate in the capture of the Isle dynamically. Wowwiki and Wowhead forum has more information.

After my vacation, the sanctum and portal were completed on my server. I did all the dailies available and realized that some of them are very annoying. For example the high possibility of ganking ground in Hellfire and the presence of a raid boss. Here I ranked the difficulty of all the SSO dailies. Some are not available yet so it's an estimation from the quest description.

It takes around 30min to complete all * quests and around 1 hour to complete in addition a few ** quests on the Isle.

Name before slash is the permanent quest name after the completion.
Difficulty is ranked in five grade.
Number indicates amount of reputation gained upon completion.
Location and other information are in parentheses.

Phase 1
Gaining the Advantage ** 250 (Outland or TBC area)
Sunfury Attack Plans *** 250 (Netherstorm)
The Multiphase Survey * 250 (Nagrand)
Blood for Blood ** 250 (Hellfire)
Blast the Gateway ** 250 (Hellfire)

Further Conversions/Erratic Behavior ** 150
The Sanctum Wards ** 150

Phase 2
The Battle Must Go On/The Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory ** 250
The Air Strikes Must Continue/Distraction at the Dead Scar * 150

Maintaining the Sunwell Portal/Intercepting the Mana Cells **** 250 (low drop rate of the device and unconvenient location)
Know Your Ley lies * 250

Phase 3
Keeping the Enemy at Bay/Intercept the Reinforcements * 250
Crush the Dawnblade/Taking the Harbor ** 250

Don't Stop Now/Making Ready *** 250 (High ganking activity and low drop rate)
Ata'mal Armaments *** 350 (Shadowmoon Valley. Available after the completion of anvil and watch out the patrolling elite)

Phase 4
Rediscovering Your Roots/Discovering Your Roots * 350
Open for Business * 250

Your Continued Support/A Charitable Donation * 150
Disrupt the Green Coast ** 250
A Magnanimous Benefactor * 500

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PvP rare set available again

The PvP rare set was removed from battlemaster vendor when season 3 rolled out. Now they are renamed and back. These five pieces are available at the quartermaster when you reach honored reputation in five TBC faction, Honor Hold/Thramall, Cenarion Expedition, Lower City, Sha'tar and Keepers of Time.

If Season 4 didn't come out together with Wrath of the Lich King, would season 2 arena gear be available like the PvP rare set?

Everyone would be honored or close to honored when they ding 70, so this is another fast gear-up, mostly for PvP players. Since the cost for the whole set costs around 20g, I guess every fresh level 70 would be running in them.

Tier tokens can be used to purchase PvP arena gear
It is getting clear that, patch 2.4 will be a PvP crosses with PvE and a give-loot patch.