Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recruiting: PvE guild (6/6 SSC, 3/4 TK)

A PvE guild is recruiting raid-interested fear-not-wiping players.
Visit genesis.bsnet.se or contact Aethel for more information.
As I wrote in a previous post:

Gear is uncommon
Skill is rare
Tactics are epic
Focus is legendary
Patience is artifact
A sudden visit to WOWInsider led me to this article. As some have commented, it was a bit less than expected. Some of them are actually below my moral limit to do.
And then another article seems to match the feelings I had lately.

This was a sad week. Some people left the guild while we are still striving to progress. Then a few others and me became officers to hold up the guild while waiting for the other guild leader to return from his leave. In the mean time, we recruited three new members and will be actively recruiting. There is hope.
But let's take a Christmas break and do some Winter Veil stuff. ^^

Monday, December 3, 2007

My sixth alchemy discovery

Oh! That's nice. Flask of Blinding Light! Aethel likes this a lot for damage dealing. What is left are Flask of Mighty Restoration, Flask of Supreme Power, and some more.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bank Alt VS Guild Bank

Most of the guild has at least one bank alt and now with guild vault in patch 2.3, is there still a need of a guild-bank alt.

Guild Vault:
100 gold for first 98 slots, 250 gold for second 98 slots, i.e 1.8g per slot.
Guild vault provides as many as 588 slots for 9350g, i.e. 16g per slot.

Bank Alt:
Bag slot in bank: 10s, 1g, 10g, 25g, 25g, 25g, 25g = 111 gold
Using 11 Netherweave Bag (16 slot) for 4 bag slots and 7 bank bag slots, 5x16 (bags and backpack) + 28 (bank) + 7x16 (bank bag) = 220 slot
Nethweave Bag costs around 8 gold each at auction house = 88 gold
Thus, 199 gold for 220 slots in bank alt, i.e. 1g per slot.

Guild bank alt costs a lot less per slot but the max slot limit is lower and it will occupy a character.

Guild Vault:
Guild master can permit as many as all members to access the guild bank.
Bank Alt:
Only the owner of that alt can access.

Guild vault is opened 24-7 in principle.

Level of control
Guild Vault:
Once permission are given, there is limited option of control over the deposition or withdrawal.
Bank Alt:
The owner of that alt has full control.

Bank alt can decide when, how and which items can be deposited and withdrawn.

Guild Vault:
It depends on the permission given by the guild master. Usually everyone can look at it, therefore high transparency. Also, every deposit or withdrawal is logged.
Bank Alt:
Needless to say, low transparency.

While control was a issue for guild vault, the log pages are extremely useful for both control and transparency purposes.

Guild vault slots cost a lot and they cost more and more the more slots one purchase. However, its advantages are superior to the cost. The high accessibility and transparency (esp. the log pages) ease the management a lot. Good stuff costs.

If your bank alts has been selling things (such as flasks, potions, enchanting mats), guild vault should be able to replace this function if the trust level in the guild is high. For example, if I deposit a void crystal, and then withdraw 15g according to the guild price list. Then I withdraw five mana potions, and then deposit 10g (2g each).

For guild bank alt, the trust lies within the character owner. For guild vault, the trust lies amongst all guild members with access. If everyone is discipline, use common sense and follow the rules, the guild vault will ease the burden on officers a lot.

More general info on personal bank and guild bank.

Friday, November 30, 2007

My second transmute discovery

It is a nice surprise. The price of these two primals on auction house are quite similar but most of the time primal water costs a few gold more. However, in terms of grinding, primal water is much easier to fish up from patches of pure water. A nice recipe to trigger more transmute discoveries.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moon king/queen crowned (by Blessing of Protection)

My new and cleaner UI

After a few days of confusion, I finally got used to my new and cleaner UI. I tried to not make too many changes to ease my adaptation. My view is wider and everything has its place. A minor problem is the chat window might be covered by the tooltip sometimes, but I have learned not to mouseover something pointless.

Addons I used are mostly from Wowace:

General interface
- eePanel: the black area in the bottom
- simpleMinimap: movable and size-able minimap
- Bartender3: Movable and size-able actionbars
- TradeBar: Easy access to your professions
- FuBar: Easy access to diverse addons
- ag_Unitframes: Nice looking unitframes

- SanityBag: Database for all your characters' bank, bags, mailbox.
- CraftList2: Search what all your characters can craft
- CT_MapMod: Have been using it for long, like its simplicity

- FishingAce: Make catch-sound louder and autoloot your catch.
- RatingBuster: Like EQcompare, compare your equipment stats.
- WhisperFu: Keep a record of your incoming and outgoing whisper, even when you're AFK.
- MCPFu: Change your addon load or unload option without logging out

General combat related mods
- Chronometer: to keep track of my DoTs and HoTs
- Quartz: to check my latency and my DoTs/HoTs on a certain target or focus target
- Itemrack: One click gear switch. It is almost a must for hybrid classes to have.
- TotemTimers: For my shaman alt, very handy and useful.
- Recount: Like DamageMeter but better, it gives you concrete data to see what needs to be improved.
- RegenFu: I like mp5 but I like to have higher non-casting regen, it shows when you've passed the 5sec rule.

Raid related mods
- Omen: A must for raider
- BigWig: A must for raider
- oRA2: Main tanks and their targets, ress monitor
- Grid: An almost must for healers, especially raid healers.
- VisualHeal: An almost must for healers, it heals all healers to coordinate healing and minimize overhealing without talking or typing.
- Decursive: Easy to remove poison, decurse, cleanse, dispell etc
- PallyPower: If your pallies use it, then you can see their blessing assignment and ask the appropriate person.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My fourth alchemy discovery

Yeah! Flask of Pure Death is Bauhinia's fourth alchemy discovery. Flask discovery is always nice. :D

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Zul'Aman: server third clear

Zul'jin is defeated. I went only to kill the last boss but he was fun fight. Then we went to use the Amani Hex Stick and a guildie got a frog Mojo and he in some way was changed to a frog while riding on his netherdrake. That's cute.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My first transmute discovery

Bauhinia had her first transmute discovery. Transmute primal fire into primal mana is not generally useful. Better than nothing. ^^

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One-click shapeshifting macro

From patch 2.3, "cancelform" would not share global cooldown anymore. So with the following macro, you can shapeshift instantly between forms.
/cast [button:2, modifier:shift] Moonkin form; [button:2] Tree of Life; [modifier:alt] Dire Bear Form; [modifier:shift] Cat form; [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable] Swift Flight Form;
Since Tree of Life form and Moonkin form would not co-exist, therefore, while resto-spec, shift-right-click to go to caster form; ans while balance-spec, right-click to go to caster form.

And you can jump out of cat or bear form, drink potions or use healthstones and instantly shift back.
/use Master Healthstone
/cast [modifier:shift] Cat form; Bear form

/use Super Health Potion
/cast [modifier:shift] Cat form; Bear form

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mechanical Chicken

Ise proudly succeeded in rescuing three OOX homing robots. The gnomish engineer awarded him one of his own mechanical chicken.
Rescue OOX-09/HL!
Rescue OOX-17/TN!
Rescue OOX-22/FE!

Both Hinterlands and Tanaris has only two waves of attackers while three waves in Feralas. They are not hard to handle as long as there're no extra random mobs being aggroed. Most of them can be kited and then they lose interest in you. But it is part of the challenge to defeat them.

This chicken is a symbol of huge XP. Completing all the Find OOX and Rescue OOX quest will give 28,450 and a bonus 7,100 from the reward quest An OOX of Your Own, which makes a total of 35,550. ^o^

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Solarian has fallen. Beware, Kael'thas.

What a progress this week! After Vashj was slained, Genesis moved to Tempest Keep and defeated Solarian. The door to Kael'thas was opened. He and his assistants would stand too long.

Eye of the Dead

In line with maximizing Lifebloom's bonus healing, I came across this baby.
An epic from Naxxramas that can beat almost every items from TBC. I didn't have much time working for Argent Dawn nor raiding before the portal was opened. If your next 5 spells were Lifeblooms, it can be stacked up to 320 heal/sec.

Essence of Martyr: Equip and use = 381 healing = 107 heal/sec
Eye of the Dead: Equip and use = up to 520 healing = up to 150 heal/sec
Living root of the Wildheart: Proc = 326 healing = 91 heal/sec
It seems there is one more reason to mobilize some forces to Blackwing's Lair and Naxxramas.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lady Vashj is slained

Lord Illidarin should be feeling the threat. As Lady Vashj, Queen was defeated by my guild - Genesis - last night, Cenarion Expedition shall gain back to the control over Coilfang Reservior. We are getting stronger. Next target is Kael'thas, Prince of Quel'thalas. She did a lot of nasty damage on us but we were well-prepared. The elementals, nagas and striders she summoned were not hard to handle. The poison which sporebats made were not that dangerous if one just pay attention into the situation.

From her dead body, I recovered Runetotem's Mantle. It has flowers growing on it. How sweet!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Living Root of the Wildheart - A good druid trinket?

Yes! Absolutely. If you compare this trinket to another role-specific trinket, it might give a bit lower bonus. But, most importantly, it is a versatile 5-in-1 trinket. Every spells and attack would have 3% chance to proc it. If the proc rate or the duration would be increased, then it will overpower trinkets from the similar level.

The blessings are:
In caster form - Cenarion Blessing: +175 damage and healing
In bear form - Ursine Blessing: +4070 armor
In cat form - Feline Blessing: +64 strength
In moonkin form - Lunar Blessing: +209 damage
In tree form - Slyvan Blessing: +326 healing

Caster form:
The use is limited to, resto druids' day-to-day grinding or feral druids' help to heal up now and then.

Bear form:
With a swing timer of 2.5sec and a global cooldown of 1.5sec, 3% proc rate per min, so it should proc 1.92 times/min. Increasing armor by 4070 for 15 sec can be interpreted to 1953.6 armor/sec, which is 355.2 static armor with 5/5 thick hide. This could be an option if Shartuul (or people on your server) refuses to bring you Badge of Tenacity with 308 static armor. From a healer's point of view, this random proc rate won't save mana but increase overhealing. It would be better with some controllable trinkets like Moroe's Lucky Pocket Watch or Scarab of Displacement.

Proc rate/sec = (60/2.5 + 60/1.5)*3% = 1.92
Increse in armor/sec = 4070*15*1.92/60 = 1953.6
Estimated static armor bonus with Thick hide = 1953.6/550% = 355.2
Cat form:
With a swing timer of 1sec and a global cooldown of 1.5sec, 3% proc rate per min, so it should proc 3 times/min. Increasing strength by 64 for 15sec, can be interpreted into 48 strength i.e. static 96 attack power per sec. This is purely nice. The minor problem is the new Heart of the Wild change when 1 strength would become 2 attack power instead of 2.4 attack power. Therefore, with this trinket, one could focus more on pure attack power and agility.
Proc rate/sec = (60/1 + 60/1.5)*3% = 3
Increase in strength/sec = 64*15*3/60 = 48 = 96 attack power
Moonkin form:
The best spell rotation to trigger the proc would be IS, MF, Wrath, and then SF when crit or when proc to get the full bonus. Immediately after the proc and approx 2 sec before the blessing fades, MF to get the bonus on the ticks. The static spell damage increase is 62.7 compared to 68.8 from Icon of Silver Crescent. The druid trinket is not as good as that but it is still good.
Proc rate/sec = 60/1.5*3% = 1.2
Increase in damage = 209*15*1.2/60 = 62.7
Icon of Silver Cresent with a cooldown of 2min:
(43*120+155*20)/120 = 68.8
Tree of Life form:
As it said from description, "spells and attacks" which means melee-ing in tree form would also proc. I tried that this week and it almost doubled my proc rate. Without melee, it gives a static 97.8 healing which is inferior to 133.5 healing from Essence of the Martyr. However, with melee, the static bonus healing increases to 179.3, better than the Essence of the Martyr. If Omen of Clarity is up, the melee attack would grant clearcasting, thus increases the heal per mana also. If you happen to proc when Essence of the Martyr buff is up, then the bonus healing is 707! Cast on the main tank Lifebloom, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, and keep up the Lifebloom, since this around +200 heal/sec can be kept for a long time. ^o^
Without melee, assuming instant casts only:

Proc rate/sec = 60/1.5*3% = 1.2
Increase in healing = 326*15*1.2/60 = 97.8
With melee (Light's Justice 1.8s) with instant casts:
Proc rate/sec = (60/1.5 + 60/1.8)*3%= 2.2
Increase in healing = 326*15*2.2/60 = 179.3
Essence of the Martyr with a cooldown of 2min:
The proc rate is a bit low, but if that was increased to 3.5% or the duration extended to 20sec, then it would overpower other trinkets in the same level. In summary, the trinket is very good and versatile, especially for cats and meleeing trees.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Druid items on Patch 2.3 (Feral)

Previously I discussed about the new items for druid from patch 2.3, here I continue with new the feral tanking gear.

There are only four new feral tanking items from the patch, and in my opinion one should go for all.

Chest: Vestments of hibernation gives strength and agility but you would lose the defense rating from Heavy Clefthoof Vest.
Feet: If you're a leatherworker, it is an imperative to make a pair of Boots of Natural Grace. Else, an upgrade from Heavy Clefthoof Boots or Zierhut's Lost Treads would be Footwraps of Wild Encroachment.
Hands: If you can't lay hand on the tier 4 gloves, Sorry, try out another department, ask the Arena goblin.
Head: Same as hands, if you didn't have luck for the tier 4 head, keep trying. Cowl of Beastly Rage is very nice but that's also 50 badges you can use for other parts.
Legs: Same as hands. :(
Shoulders: same as hands, again. :((
Waist: If you can find a leatherworker to make you a Belt of Natural Power, then you can save 60 badges for Waistguard of the Great Beast.
Wrist: Band of the Swift Paw, the best you can find from the PvE loots.

Blizzard really need to give druid tanks more itemizations. In summary, grind arena gear and heroics/Kara/ZA for BoJ, then save your DKP for the tier tokens.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

How did Hallow's End end for you?

Hallow's End is over now and I hope everyone got some gifts and candies.
I have got all three rings and sort of earned 25 Badge of Justice since Witching Band is exactly the same as Band of Halos.
I'm saving the candies in order to walk faster in ToL form.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to grind the lovely pet Sinister Squashing. I will have to wait until next year. And by then, I hope I'll have bag spaces fore these non-combat pets. Here are some pictures to share.

Flying on a broom. Caution: This is not very stable.

Tricked! You're a critter.

The male gnome and male troll mask are the best of all.

My favorite costumes are:
"You feel larger... and organer..." I'm an orange tree. ^^
Reaching the fish schools far off the coast has never been so easy, I'm in ghost costume.
Using hearthstone in wisp costume is quite cool, but I missed it while looking for a good angle.

Other costumes:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My second alchemy discovery

Caught by surprise and thrilled with joy, Bauhinia discovered her second flask recipe. Two discoveries on two days, I guess it paid off all the work.

Filled in some missing information on Druid items on PTR 2.3.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flying Machine and boots face change

Lightning effect on the new flying machine, it's just so cool.

Did I gain some weight on PTR? Or is it just because my Forestlord Striders looks different on PTR (left) than on live(right)?

My first alchemy discovery

Bauhinia has finally discovered a alchemy recipe: Flask of fortification.
She is proud to be a master alchemist with skill 375 and no specialization, at the experience level 50. The discovery rate of 0.1% as suggested estimate on wowwiki was more or less correct. This came as a pleasant surprise when she was brewing in Stormwind Auction House.

Last Saturday, I got the best whisper of the month from Deoradhain, my ever-pvp-counsellor, "do you want to join our premade?". I instantly replied "sure". After joining the premade and Teamspeak, I realized I missed them a lot. I was so pleasant to hear their voices again.
It was an AB-premade during an AV weekend, but I estimated we made as many honor as one can get from AV for the same amount of time. We won all except one, which was lost to a very close margain, 1950-2000. I would make an effort to join TTS premade every Saturday. Not just for the game, but mostly for the people.
May the Sun light your path!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Obituaries: Archbishop Benedictus and King Magni Bronzebeard

Last night, the hordes sneaked into Stormwind City and killed Archbishop Benedictus after a few attempts. There were rumors I heard afterwards, but most of the alliance were not prepared. The guards formed a shield to fight against the evil but finally they failed.
After that, these disgusting hordes hijacked the Deeprun Tram, slaughtering every single person who entered the tram. Clearly they were aiming for Lord of Ironforge.
I took an alternative road to Ironforge but I was too late. The throne was empty, the King was gone. It left behind a pile of skeleton.
May Archbishop Benedictus and King Magni Bronzebeard rest in peace and be resurrected soon.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Druid items on PTR 2.3

Looking through the new leather items that A'dal are selling on patch test realm, I can only confirmed that the items are between tier 4 and tier 5. There are:
4 items for chests (75 BoJ),
3 items for feet (60 BoJ, missing resto),
2 items for hand (60 BoJ, missing bear-feral and resto),
3 items for head (75 BoJ, missing bear-feral, resto's is a drop),
2 items for legs (75 BoJ, missing bear-feral and balance),
3 items for shoulders (60 BoJ, missing bear-feral),
4 items for waist (60 BoJ), and
4 items for wrist (60 BoJ).

ChestVestments of Hibernation
FeetFootwraps of Wild Encroachment
WaistWaistguard of the Great Beast
WristBand of the Swift Paw
255 BoJ
ChestShadowtooth Trollskin Cuirass
FeetNyn'jah's Tabi Boots
HandTrickster's Stickyfingers
HeadGrimgrin Faceguard
LegsShallow-grave Trousers
ShoulderShoulderpads of Dancing Blades
WaistBladeangel's Money Belt
WristMaster Assassin Wristwraps
525 BoJ
ChestBlessed Elunite Coverings
HandGrasp of the Moonkin
HeadMask of Primal Power
ShoulderPauldrons of Tribal Fury
WaistStarfire Waistband
WristArmwraps of the Kaldorei Protector
450 BoJ
Tree of Life-Restoration
ChestShimmer-pelt Vest
HeadHelm of Natural Regeneration
(drop from Jan'alai in Zul'Aman)
LegsPants of Splendid Recovery
ShoulderGnarled Ironwood Pauldrons
WaistLife-step Belt
WristGargon's Bracers Peaceful Slumber
330 BoJ

This is how the whole set looks like:

Here I compared the balance and resto gear and will get to the feral part soon. These new items are in-between Nordrassil (t5) and Malorne (t4) set. the biggest differences are the reduction of +spirit (no +spirit at all on BoJ moonkin gear) and the increase in Mp5 and spell haste rating for moonkin.

Nordrassil Regalia
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1703 419 367 341 262 314
Stamina 160 36 37 35 26 26
Intellect 150 32 36 28 27 27
Spirit 114 25 26 24 23 16
Spell Damage 244 54 54 54 41 41
Spell Crit 92 17 26 25 24 -
Spell Hit 44 19 -10 -15
Mp5 7 -7 ---
Sockets1m 3y 4b 1y 2b 1b 1m 1y -1y 1b
Malorne Regalia
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1540 379 332 308 237 284
Stamina 133 28 32 28 24 21
Intellect 142 27 35 29 27 24
Spirit 97 19 18 22 21 17
Spell Damage 195 46 44 36 33 36
Spell Crit 67 -25 24 18 -
Spell Hit 19 19 ----
Mp5 11 -6 --5
Sockets1m 1r 3y 2b 2y 1b -1m 1r -1y 1b
Badge of Justice Reward - Leather spell damage (Ptr 2.3)
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder cf. t5 cf. t4
Armor 1287 404 328 252 303 -49 79
Stamina 115 33 33 28 21 -8 14
Intellect 126 34 39 30 23 12 19
Spirit 0 -----88 -79
Spell Damage 179 54 46 40 39 -11 28
Spell Crit 52 22 30 ---14 10
Spell Hit 26 ---26 -18 7
Spell haste 25 --25 -25 20
Mp5 7 7 ---7 7
Sockets 3r 3y
1y 1r 1b 1r 1y -1r 1y

Chest: The tier-chest carries spell hit which is over the BoJ chest.
Legs: There isn't any other choice than tier set, is there? Oh yeah, Arena Reward.
Head: Since the BoJ helm does not have meta socket for my favorite Insightful Earthstorm Diamond, I'd say the tier-helm is better.
Hand: BoJ hand of course. Imba spell haste rating and then spam Starfire. I would sacrifice spell hit on shoulder for the tier set bonus.
Shoulder: The hit rating is great, but it can be traded for the sake of set-bonus. Take both maybe?
Feet:Moon-walkers is a better choice over Naturewarden's Treads for its 23 spell hit. Socketed with Potent Noble Topaz for the spell crit or Glowing Nightseye for the stamina.
Waist: Starfire Waistband and Belt of the Crescent Moon are very hard to choose from. The former is good for mp5 while the latter is good for the spell haste rating.
Wrist:Elunite Empowered Bracers from Black Temple owns Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector for the spell hit rating. However, the latter is still a nice upgrade from Windhawk Bracers or Bracers of the White Stag. If spell hit rating isn't the issue, then throw in a Runed Ornate Ruby on the Vindicator's Wyrmhide Bracers, then you have the best moonkin bracer in the game, for now.


Nordrassil Raiment
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1703 419 367 341 262 314
Stamina 165 36 37 40 26 26
Intellect 151 33 36 28 27 27
Spirit 129 31 27 31 24 16
Healing 461 103 101 103 77 77
Mp5 34 -11 8 9 6
1y 6b
3 b 1 b 1m 1y -2b
Malorne Raiment
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1540 379 332 237 308 284
Stamina 127 28 30 22 28 19
Intellect 142 29 38 25 27 23
Spirit 119 25 26 24 25 19
Healing 370 88 84 62 68 68
Mp5 32 -10 7 10 5
Sockets1m 1r 1y 4b 1y 2b -1m 1r -2b
Badge of Justice Reward - Leather healing (Ptr 2.3)
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder cf. t5 cf. t4
Armor 1388404 353 328 303 -53 156
Stamina 11834 30 33 21 -2119
Intellect 13735 40 39 23 11322
Spirit 6030 -30 --45-34
Healing 346101 86 86 73 -3849
Mp5 3412 12 -10 912
Sockets3r 3y 2b -1r 1y 1b 1r 1y 1b 1r 1y

Chest: Mp5 on the BoJ chest over the sockets on t5.
Legs: Mp5 and sockets over the spirit on t5.
Head: Since the BoJ helm does not have meta socket for my favorite Insightful Earthstorm Diamond, I'd say the tier helm is better.
Hand: Tier set is your choice as it's better than Bark-Gloves of Ancient Wisdom.
Shoulder: Mp5 on BoJ shoulder over the spirit on t5.
Feet: No new items from ptr2.3. Enchanted Leather Sandals from Mount Hyjal is not much better than Orca-Hide Boots, except for the stamina.
Waist: Life-step Belt wins over Belt of Primal Majesty, which is a Dreamstate restokin belt with spell haste rating.
Wrist: Grove-Bands of Remulos for the mp5. The latter is useful to support the ToL aura if spirit is lacking in other armor pieces.

Next time I'll take a look at the feral gear.

Ornaments of Azerothian's Crusade

Ornaments of Azerothian's Crusade From my experience in raiding, I found out that:

Gear is uncommon
Skill is rare
Tactics are epic
Focus is legendary
Patience is artifact
Therefore I made a set of jewelry which the raider would certainly love.

Next time, when someone did something really stupid, take a deep breath and let your negativity be defeated by you. Team spirit is the key in raiding. Think positive.

To create your wow items, visit http://www.wowitemcreator.com/create/item.html

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some more on PTR

The new tracking system on PTR is really helpful. You can find banker, various vendors, trainers, quest giver or receiver, flight masters, etc. They are counted as "tracking" so you can't track beast, herbs, veins, etc at the same time.

One weird thing is my bottom-left action bar reseted to empty once I shapeshifted. And it didn't get back even when I shifted back to elf-form. It only came back when I died or log out. I hope there will be a hot fix for it soon.

My mailbox gave me some seasonal feelings. I got a pattern [Leatherworking: Winter Boots] and a cooking recipe:

Hot Apple Cider
Restores 7200 mana over 30 sec. Must remain seated while drinking. If you spend at least 10 seconds drinking you will become "well fed" and gain 20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min. Standard alcohol.
1x Sparkling Apple Cider, 1x Holiday Spirits, 1x Holiday Spices
I guess this is for the coming Winter Veil celebration. It's a mana "well-fed" buff, I would definitely make a lot of these if there isn't any time limit on.

Tonight I went with some guildies to Zul'Aman for a look. It wasn't really a raid since people took their chance on PTR to try new spec and new gear, not prepared with flasks and addons and no real tactics. There were a lot of silly wipes, some were annoyed but for me it was fun to look at some new content. He's a big druid bear. When did trolls stole the book of druidic learnings?

Leatherworking on PTR 2.3

On patch 2.3's PTR, there are a few new pattern for leatherworking. Hunters can finally get rid of their level 35 quiver or ammo pouch without grinding Consortium or Kurenai/Mag'har reputations.

Knothide Ammo Pouch (20 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
24x Knothide Leather, 1x Primal Air, 4x Rune Thread

Knothide Quiver (20 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
20x Knothide Leather, 30x Arakkoa Feather, 2x Rune Thread

Netherscale Ammo Pouch (24 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
12x Heavy Knothide Leather, 40x Nether Dragonscales, 12x Primal Earth, 1x Primal Nether

Quiver of a Thousand Feathers (24 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
8x Heavy Knothide Leather, 99x Light Feather, 2x Primal Air, 1x Primal Nether

The 24-slot seems to require a rather insane amount of rare items. It also seems to me that the mats for quivers less uncommon than for ammo pouches. Who would have kept Arakkoa feathers after getting honored from Lower City? While 99 light feathers are easy to grind from Westfall, 20 nether dragonscales are comparatively hard to get by.

Apart from these hunter items, there are two new armor kit patterns as well.

Heavy Knothide Armor Kit
Permanently increase the stamina of an item worm on head, chest, shoulders, legs, hands or feet by 10.
3x Heavy Knothide Leather

Glove Reinforcements
Permanently increase the armor on a pair of gloves by 240.
18x Heavy Knothide Leather, 14x Primal Earth, 1x Rune Thread

Note that Heavy Knothide Armor kit can be put on head and shoulders. (^_^)
Would other armor kits be also allowed to put on head and shoulders later? Though it might not be a big hit for most armor kits since the glyph and inscriptions are by far better, it would be a big boost for the resistant armor kit.
The glove 240-armor enchant is not very exciting since agility or threat would probably be better. Still it is a nice option to give different options for an enchant and a function (or financial support) for leatherworker.

Someone also found a leatherworking bag pattern, oh now I got that from a trainer for 1g20s.
Edited: Oh, did I forget about the drums? The world drop drums patterns (restoration and speed) are now available when revered with Kurenai/Mag'har. The cast time for drums of restoration, speed, battle and war are removed. See details for all professions.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Time for fun! Muhaha

Raiding sometimes can be quite stressful. But I try to keep my spirit up observing the least expected part and enjoy them.
What is more fun than being losing control and do a bunch of stuff that you have never thought of? There's a time I couldn't kill my inner demon summoned by Leotheras The Blind, I was mind-controlled and attacked my mates with hurriance, moonfire, bear form and even healed Leotheras. lol
It reminds me of "Time for fun!", Shadow Lab second boss. The key of that encounter is "hope not to kill each other", while the situation is completely out of our hands.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Innervating with a +70spirit staff

My enchanter shammy alt has finally reached level 50 and enchanting skill 300. She was honored with Thorium Brotherhood after a long grinding on Auction House and then she learned the Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit. And then she enchanted that on the Staff of Divine Infusion. Now I have this sweet +70 spirit staff for innervate.

To make it easier to switch weapon during battle, I made a macro so that I can right-click to innervate myself and switch to the spirit staff and left-click to switch back to the healing weapons or innervate someone else.

/equip [button:2] Staff of Divine Infusion
/cast [button:2, target=player] Innervate; Innervate
/equip [button:1] Light's Justice
/equip [button:1] Windcaller's Orb
Since Moonkin and Tree of Life share the same stance (stance:5),
I would need to change that to Merciless Gladiator's War Staff when Aethel goes as moonqueen.

The Super Arakkoa

Using the Shabby Arakkoa Disguise and carrying the Terokk's Shadowstaff, I became a super arakkoa flying in the air. ^_^
Before Patch 2.2, druids can shapeshift with this effect on, therefore I always flew as a "Super Arakkoa" in Terokkar Forest. It's a shame that this picture has become history. Still I'm keeping this disguise for the cool dance and other animations.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Panzerkin in action

Druids can tank in bear, but how about as moonkin? Few months ago I get in touch of this Guide to Moonkin Tanking. Lithanial has tanked heroics and Karazhan as moonkin, and his gear is top-of-the-line and his skills is imba.
Last Sunday, there was a short of tank for the Kara run, so I took the opportunity to try out panzerkin tanking. I have been collecting gear since I read the guide, so luckily I have some defense rating and bonus armor gear. My main focus was to to increase mitigation. I took on some +armor and +resilience gear without losing too much +spell hit and +spell damage. My gear is not as good as Lithanial's, but it worked. The healers were awesome.
I think any class can off-tank too (though armor would be a plus), they just need to work even harder on the gear and skills.

My Choice of Panzerkin gear:
Head: Antlers of Malorne
Neck: Brooch of Unquenchable Fury (for the hit raiting)
Back: Glided Thorium Cloak
Shoulder: Shoulderpads of Assassination (should be improved)
Chest: Windhawk Hauberk (should be improved)
Wrist: Manimal's Cinch (should be improved)
Gloves: Gloves of Malorne
Waist: Umberhowl's Collar (should be improved)
Legs: Moonchild Leggings (should be improved)
Feet: Veterans Wyrmhide Boots
Rings: Shermanar Great-Ring and Veteran's Band of Dominance
Trinket: Icon of the Silver Crescent and Timelapse Shard
Relic: Idol of the Avenger
Weapon: Merciless Gladiator's War Staff


Karathress - A healer's perspective

This fight is not very different than other fights.
The main difference is the random damage a healer would take. A combo of shadow bolt or water bolt or multishot or spitfire has proven to be fatal.
As a druid healer, I always have HoTs on my targets so they very seldom go under 50% HP.
Therefore, the most important thing is to keep myself alive, healing up the damage taken and also overhealing the expected damage incoming.

An oom healer can bandage but a dead one definitely can't heal.

More guides on Bosskillers.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Juicy rings from the Headless Horseman

Aethels says: Horseman rise...
Aethel says: Your time is nigh...
Aethel says: You felt death once...
Aethel says: Now, know demise!

Headless Horseman yells: It is over, your search is done! Let fate choose now, the righteous one.

This horseman each player can summon once a day. There isn't any save or limit on how many times you can participate. The fight is easy and very funny.
You can recover three rings, a plate helm, some broomsticks, a pumpkin helm, pumkin pet and a lot of candies. (Detailed info)
The Horseman's Signet Ring and Witching Band are comparable to those from Karazhan. If it's not free epics, what is it?

Cenarion Expedition's Hippogryph on PTR

Hit rating caps

Coriel summarized "Hit rating caps for bosses" on her blog.

The most notable points are
1. High caps for mages and paladins (164), and
2. Low caps for warlocks and shadow priests (76).

When I pointed out how little spell hit rating a shadow priest would need, a guildie pointed out that Focus Power is a deep discipline PvP talents, which PvE s-priest would never go for. But still a cap of 76 is less than half of what mages and paladins would need.

Can you feel the love of driud in Zul’Aman?

I can't.

Salthem has promised that:

Itemisation across the board is due to get some love with the introduction of
further content in patch 2.3 and beyond. Balance druids are particularly getting
some better attention in Zul'Aman in 2.3.
Yet the loot tables from ZA are very disappointing. Where is “the attention”? Dan O'Halloran outlined the items for each druid spec on wowinsider but all the balance items are actually caster items. So moonkins will continue to roll against mages, shadow priest and warlocks. Sorry clothies. Bracer of White Stag (dropped by Attumen in Karazhan) will continue to be the only epic leather spell-damage drop before Black Tempel and Hyjal Summit.

As a leatherworker, I’m upset about the lack of craftable items for druids also. Leatherworking patterns dropped in T5 and T6 instances are biased. In SSC and TK, there are BoE belts and BoP boots for hunters, rogues, feral druids, enchancement and elemental shamans. In BT, there are BoE bracers and BoP shoulders for hunters, rogues, resto druids and resto shamans. The only spec which is missing in both places is, non-surprisingly, balance druids.

End with the ranting. The good news is the Badge of Justice rewards. There are the PvE rewards corresponding to PvP Honor rewards/Arena rewards. Every spec in every class can trade the badges for their desired items when they want.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Al'ar is defeated

Last night, my guild - Genesis - had defeated the Pheonix God Al'ar situated inside the Tempest Keep in Netherstorm.
Al'ar is such a graceful pheonix and its colour is so astonishing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So you thought no one saw you

The guild hall is empty. Aethel walked around and took a seat at a corner. Scenes from the past flashed in front of her eyes.

Clifford dashed in with his full armor and he must be in a hurry.
Shacat did that same some other time. He dashed in and stopped suddenly. Zully left a few claw marks on the stone floor from the braking.
Leather balls were flying besides, over, in front and behind of Jomartion while he was talking. His patience threshold was challenged. Then Weick killed himself behind him, and I could almost hear his deep breathes.
Wasp was in a purple festival dress, and so was I. Same dress, well, it happens.
A mysterious mage came to the meeting, his face was hidden under his hood. When he lifted it, oh, that was Korgun.
Evocator stood beside Korgun and could not stand the flame. He took off his clothes but luckily not his guild tabard.
Gibknarf was in his heavy golden armor. He carried them with proud and dwarven muscle power.
Everyone formed a cirlce and Aethel was asked to stand in the middle. She was nervous. The officers announced her promotion, and members used their special abilities as celebration.

A tear slowly glided down her cheek. "See you around," she said and gently dried her tears.
Walking down the stairs, she wasn't sure where to go. She looked up to the sky and closed her eyes. The sun shined bright and dried her tears. She felt the warmth and took a moment to enjoy it in peace.

Suddenly someone poked her back with a dagger. Aethel picked up her staff and turned swiftly. The person had vanished. "I'll be watching you. Shape up!" a distant voice whispered.

The story was written for my departure of < The Tempered Sun > in order to join my boyfriend's guild < Genesis >. It was a difficult time for me to part with the friends I made there. TTS holds monthly guild meeting in the Dwarven District, Stormwind City. The meetings were very nice and friendly.

Elune's Makeover

After a long and hard fight in the Outlands, a voice deep in Aethel's heart said, "Go home, to Moonglade. And you should talk to shan'do also."
Aethel walked through a portal to Shattrah City then packed her bag for a long distance teleport to Moonglade.

Every night is the same in Moonglade. Loganaar still stands beside the moonwell as he did when Aethel used to mediate and sing to Elune there.

"Thero'shan Aethel", says Loganaar, "welcome back to Moonglade."
Aethel salutes to Loganaar and says, "Shan'do Loganaar, Elune'adore."
"What brings you here?" Loganaar asks.
"I seek peace. This moonwell used to calm my mind. Everything was peaceful when I was with the Sisters, until the war."
"The Sisters of Elune still question me for teaching you the druidic ways sometimes. You are a trained and skillful druid now. I saw your potential and you confirmed my judgement."
"Yes, I think druid is my nature but I will never forget the teaching from the Sisters."
"That was indeed your advantage as a diplomat for Darnassus serving Pristess Tyrande Whisperwind and Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm at the same time."
"It was a nice experience as a diplomat. I made many friends of different races. Shan'do, everything changes when Doom Lord Kazzak opened the Dark portal. Then now I serve the Cenarion Expedition. The war is weary."
"Thero'shan, believe in yourself and believe in your friends. This is your call. You have learned a lot but there are still more for you to learn. You must not give up."
Aethel nods, "Anu'dora. I should get rested and then return to my position."
"Peace you should have here in Moonglade as always. You know where to find me when you need guidance. Kaldorei, your family is expecting you."
Aethel smiles and curtsies to Loganaar.
"Please send my regards to the Sisters. Asha'falah, shan'do."
"Peace be with you. Ande'thoras'ethil." Loganaar bows.
The Black War Tiger dashes to Aethel's home.

Shan'do - Honored teacher
Thero'shan - Honored student
Elune'adore - Elune be with you
Kaldorei - Children of the stars
Anu'dora - Yes
Asha'falah - A farewell phrase
Ande'thoras'ethil - May your troubles be diminished

Originally published in The Tempered Sun website.