Friday, October 26, 2007

Druid items on PTR 2.3

Looking through the new leather items that A'dal are selling on patch test realm, I can only confirmed that the items are between tier 4 and tier 5. There are:
4 items for chests (75 BoJ),
3 items for feet (60 BoJ, missing resto),
2 items for hand (60 BoJ, missing bear-feral and resto),
3 items for head (75 BoJ, missing bear-feral, resto's is a drop),
2 items for legs (75 BoJ, missing bear-feral and balance),
3 items for shoulders (60 BoJ, missing bear-feral),
4 items for waist (60 BoJ), and
4 items for wrist (60 BoJ).

ChestVestments of Hibernation
FeetFootwraps of Wild Encroachment
WaistWaistguard of the Great Beast
WristBand of the Swift Paw
255 BoJ
ChestShadowtooth Trollskin Cuirass
FeetNyn'jah's Tabi Boots
HandTrickster's Stickyfingers
HeadGrimgrin Faceguard
LegsShallow-grave Trousers
ShoulderShoulderpads of Dancing Blades
WaistBladeangel's Money Belt
WristMaster Assassin Wristwraps
525 BoJ
ChestBlessed Elunite Coverings
HandGrasp of the Moonkin
HeadMask of Primal Power
ShoulderPauldrons of Tribal Fury
WaistStarfire Waistband
WristArmwraps of the Kaldorei Protector
450 BoJ
Tree of Life-Restoration
ChestShimmer-pelt Vest
HeadHelm of Natural Regeneration
(drop from Jan'alai in Zul'Aman)
LegsPants of Splendid Recovery
ShoulderGnarled Ironwood Pauldrons
WaistLife-step Belt
WristGargon's Bracers Peaceful Slumber
330 BoJ

This is how the whole set looks like:

Here I compared the balance and resto gear and will get to the feral part soon. These new items are in-between Nordrassil (t5) and Malorne (t4) set. the biggest differences are the reduction of +spirit (no +spirit at all on BoJ moonkin gear) and the increase in Mp5 and spell haste rating for moonkin.

Nordrassil Regalia
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1703 419 367 341 262 314
Stamina 160 36 37 35 26 26
Intellect 150 32 36 28 27 27
Spirit 114 25 26 24 23 16
Spell Damage 244 54 54 54 41 41
Spell Crit 92 17 26 25 24 -
Spell Hit 44 19 -10 -15
Mp5 7 -7 ---
Sockets1m 3y 4b 1y 2b 1b 1m 1y -1y 1b
Malorne Regalia
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1540 379 332 308 237 284
Stamina 133 28 32 28 24 21
Intellect 142 27 35 29 27 24
Spirit 97 19 18 22 21 17
Spell Damage 195 46 44 36 33 36
Spell Crit 67 -25 24 18 -
Spell Hit 19 19 ----
Mp5 11 -6 --5
Sockets1m 1r 3y 2b 2y 1b -1m 1r -1y 1b
Badge of Justice Reward - Leather spell damage (Ptr 2.3)
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder cf. t5 cf. t4
Armor 1287 404 328 252 303 -49 79
Stamina 115 33 33 28 21 -8 14
Intellect 126 34 39 30 23 12 19
Spirit 0 -----88 -79
Spell Damage 179 54 46 40 39 -11 28
Spell Crit 52 22 30 ---14 10
Spell Hit 26 ---26 -18 7
Spell haste 25 --25 -25 20
Mp5 7 7 ---7 7
Sockets 3r 3y
1y 1r 1b 1r 1y -1r 1y

Chest: The tier-chest carries spell hit which is over the BoJ chest.
Legs: There isn't any other choice than tier set, is there? Oh yeah, Arena Reward.
Head: Since the BoJ helm does not have meta socket for my favorite Insightful Earthstorm Diamond, I'd say the tier-helm is better.
Hand: BoJ hand of course. Imba spell haste rating and then spam Starfire. I would sacrifice spell hit on shoulder for the tier set bonus.
Shoulder: The hit rating is great, but it can be traded for the sake of set-bonus. Take both maybe?
Feet:Moon-walkers is a better choice over Naturewarden's Treads for its 23 spell hit. Socketed with Potent Noble Topaz for the spell crit or Glowing Nightseye for the stamina.
Waist: Starfire Waistband and Belt of the Crescent Moon are very hard to choose from. The former is good for mp5 while the latter is good for the spell haste rating.
Wrist:Elunite Empowered Bracers from Black Temple owns Armwraps of the Kaldorei Protector for the spell hit rating. However, the latter is still a nice upgrade from Windhawk Bracers or Bracers of the White Stag. If spell hit rating isn't the issue, then throw in a Runed Ornate Ruby on the Vindicator's Wyrmhide Bracers, then you have the best moonkin bracer in the game, for now.


Nordrassil Raiment
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1703 419 367 341 262 314
Stamina 165 36 37 40 26 26
Intellect 151 33 36 28 27 27
Spirit 129 31 27 31 24 16
Healing 461 103 101 103 77 77
Mp5 34 -11 8 9 6
1y 6b
3 b 1 b 1m 1y -2b
Malorne Raiment
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder
Armor 1540 379 332 237 308 284
Stamina 127 28 30 22 28 19
Intellect 142 29 38 25 27 23
Spirit 119 25 26 24 25 19
Healing 370 88 84 62 68 68
Mp5 32 -10 7 10 5
Sockets1m 1r 1y 4b 1y 2b -1m 1r -2b
Badge of Justice Reward - Leather healing (Ptr 2.3)
Total Chest Legs Head Hand Shoulder cf. t5 cf. t4
Armor 1388404 353 328 303 -53 156
Stamina 11834 30 33 21 -2119
Intellect 13735 40 39 23 11322
Spirit 6030 -30 --45-34
Healing 346101 86 86 73 -3849
Mp5 3412 12 -10 912
Sockets3r 3y 2b -1r 1y 1b 1r 1y 1b 1r 1y

Chest: Mp5 on the BoJ chest over the sockets on t5.
Legs: Mp5 and sockets over the spirit on t5.
Head: Since the BoJ helm does not have meta socket for my favorite Insightful Earthstorm Diamond, I'd say the tier helm is better.
Hand: Tier set is your choice as it's better than Bark-Gloves of Ancient Wisdom.
Shoulder: Mp5 on BoJ shoulder over the spirit on t5.
Feet: No new items from ptr2.3. Enchanted Leather Sandals from Mount Hyjal is not much better than Orca-Hide Boots, except for the stamina.
Waist: Life-step Belt wins over Belt of Primal Majesty, which is a Dreamstate restokin belt with spell haste rating.
Wrist: Grove-Bands of Remulos for the mp5. The latter is useful to support the ToL aura if spirit is lacking in other armor pieces.

Next time I'll take a look at the feral gear.

Ornaments of Azerothian's Crusade

Ornaments of Azerothian's Crusade From my experience in raiding, I found out that:

Gear is uncommon
Skill is rare
Tactics are epic
Focus is legendary
Patience is artifact
Therefore I made a set of jewelry which the raider would certainly love.

Next time, when someone did something really stupid, take a deep breath and let your negativity be defeated by you. Team spirit is the key in raiding. Think positive.

To create your wow items, visit

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some more on PTR

The new tracking system on PTR is really helpful. You can find banker, various vendors, trainers, quest giver or receiver, flight masters, etc. They are counted as "tracking" so you can't track beast, herbs, veins, etc at the same time.

One weird thing is my bottom-left action bar reseted to empty once I shapeshifted. And it didn't get back even when I shifted back to elf-form. It only came back when I died or log out. I hope there will be a hot fix for it soon.

My mailbox gave me some seasonal feelings. I got a pattern [Leatherworking: Winter Boots] and a cooking recipe:

Hot Apple Cider
Restores 7200 mana over 30 sec. Must remain seated while drinking. If you spend at least 10 seconds drinking you will become "well fed" and gain 20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min. Standard alcohol.
1x Sparkling Apple Cider, 1x Holiday Spirits, 1x Holiday Spices
I guess this is for the coming Winter Veil celebration. It's a mana "well-fed" buff, I would definitely make a lot of these if there isn't any time limit on.

Tonight I went with some guildies to Zul'Aman for a look. It wasn't really a raid since people took their chance on PTR to try new spec and new gear, not prepared with flasks and addons and no real tactics. There were a lot of silly wipes, some were annoyed but for me it was fun to look at some new content. He's a big druid bear. When did trolls stole the book of druidic learnings?

Leatherworking on PTR 2.3

On patch 2.3's PTR, there are a few new pattern for leatherworking. Hunters can finally get rid of their level 35 quiver or ammo pouch without grinding Consortium or Kurenai/Mag'har reputations.

Knothide Ammo Pouch (20 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
24x Knothide Leather, 1x Primal Air, 4x Rune Thread

Knothide Quiver (20 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
20x Knothide Leather, 30x Arakkoa Feather, 2x Rune Thread

Netherscale Ammo Pouch (24 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
12x Heavy Knothide Leather, 40x Nether Dragonscales, 12x Primal Earth, 1x Primal Nether

Quiver of a Thousand Feathers (24 Slot)
Equip: Increase ranged attack speed by 15%
8x Heavy Knothide Leather, 99x Light Feather, 2x Primal Air, 1x Primal Nether

The 24-slot seems to require a rather insane amount of rare items. It also seems to me that the mats for quivers less uncommon than for ammo pouches. Who would have kept Arakkoa feathers after getting honored from Lower City? While 99 light feathers are easy to grind from Westfall, 20 nether dragonscales are comparatively hard to get by.

Apart from these hunter items, there are two new armor kit patterns as well.

Heavy Knothide Armor Kit
Permanently increase the stamina of an item worm on head, chest, shoulders, legs, hands or feet by 10.
3x Heavy Knothide Leather

Glove Reinforcements
Permanently increase the armor on a pair of gloves by 240.
18x Heavy Knothide Leather, 14x Primal Earth, 1x Rune Thread

Note that Heavy Knothide Armor kit can be put on head and shoulders. (^_^)
Would other armor kits be also allowed to put on head and shoulders later? Though it might not be a big hit for most armor kits since the glyph and inscriptions are by far better, it would be a big boost for the resistant armor kit.
The glove 240-armor enchant is not very exciting since agility or threat would probably be better. Still it is a nice option to give different options for an enchant and a function (or financial support) for leatherworker.

Someone also found a leatherworking bag pattern, oh now I got that from a trainer for 1g20s.
Edited: Oh, did I forget about the drums? The world drop drums patterns (restoration and speed) are now available when revered with Kurenai/Mag'har. The cast time for drums of restoration, speed, battle and war are removed. See details for all professions.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Time for fun! Muhaha

Raiding sometimes can be quite stressful. But I try to keep my spirit up observing the least expected part and enjoy them.
What is more fun than being losing control and do a bunch of stuff that you have never thought of? There's a time I couldn't kill my inner demon summoned by Leotheras The Blind, I was mind-controlled and attacked my mates with hurriance, moonfire, bear form and even healed Leotheras. lol
It reminds me of "Time for fun!", Shadow Lab second boss. The key of that encounter is "hope not to kill each other", while the situation is completely out of our hands.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Innervating with a +70spirit staff

My enchanter shammy alt has finally reached level 50 and enchanting skill 300. She was honored with Thorium Brotherhood after a long grinding on Auction House and then she learned the Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit. And then she enchanted that on the Staff of Divine Infusion. Now I have this sweet +70 spirit staff for innervate.

To make it easier to switch weapon during battle, I made a macro so that I can right-click to innervate myself and switch to the spirit staff and left-click to switch back to the healing weapons or innervate someone else.

/equip [button:2] Staff of Divine Infusion
/cast [button:2, target=player] Innervate; Innervate
/equip [button:1] Light's Justice
/equip [button:1] Windcaller's Orb
Since Moonkin and Tree of Life share the same stance (stance:5),
I would need to change that to Merciless Gladiator's War Staff when Aethel goes as moonqueen.

The Super Arakkoa

Using the Shabby Arakkoa Disguise and carrying the Terokk's Shadowstaff, I became a super arakkoa flying in the air. ^_^
Before Patch 2.2, druids can shapeshift with this effect on, therefore I always flew as a "Super Arakkoa" in Terokkar Forest. It's a shame that this picture has become history. Still I'm keeping this disguise for the cool dance and other animations.