Saturday, November 3, 2007

Druid items on Patch 2.3 (Feral)

Previously I discussed about the new items for druid from patch 2.3, here I continue with new the feral tanking gear.

There are only four new feral tanking items from the patch, and in my opinion one should go for all.

Chest: Vestments of hibernation gives strength and agility but you would lose the defense rating from Heavy Clefthoof Vest.
Feet: If you're a leatherworker, it is an imperative to make a pair of Boots of Natural Grace. Else, an upgrade from Heavy Clefthoof Boots or Zierhut's Lost Treads would be Footwraps of Wild Encroachment.
Hands: If you can't lay hand on the tier 4 gloves, Sorry, try out another department, ask the Arena goblin.
Head: Same as hands, if you didn't have luck for the tier 4 head, keep trying. Cowl of Beastly Rage is very nice but that's also 50 badges you can use for other parts.
Legs: Same as hands. :(
Shoulders: same as hands, again. :((
Waist: If you can find a leatherworker to make you a Belt of Natural Power, then you can save 60 badges for Waistguard of the Great Beast.
Wrist: Band of the Swift Paw, the best you can find from the PvE loots.

Blizzard really need to give druid tanks more itemizations. In summary, grind arena gear and heroics/Kara/ZA for BoJ, then save your DKP for the tier tokens.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

How did Hallow's End end for you?

Hallow's End is over now and I hope everyone got some gifts and candies.
I have got all three rings and sort of earned 25 Badge of Justice since Witching Band is exactly the same as Band of Halos.
I'm saving the candies in order to walk faster in ToL form.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to grind the lovely pet Sinister Squashing. I will have to wait until next year. And by then, I hope I'll have bag spaces fore these non-combat pets. Here are some pictures to share.

Flying on a broom. Caution: This is not very stable.

Tricked! You're a critter.

The male gnome and male troll mask are the best of all.

My favorite costumes are:
"You feel larger... and organer..." I'm an orange tree. ^^
Reaching the fish schools far off the coast has never been so easy, I'm in ghost costume.
Using hearthstone in wisp costume is quite cool, but I missed it while looking for a good angle.

Other costumes:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My second alchemy discovery

Caught by surprise and thrilled with joy, Bauhinia discovered her second flask recipe. Two discoveries on two days, I guess it paid off all the work.

Filled in some missing information on Druid items on PTR 2.3.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flying Machine and boots face change

Lightning effect on the new flying machine, it's just so cool.

Did I gain some weight on PTR? Or is it just because my Forestlord Striders looks different on PTR (left) than on live(right)?

My first alchemy discovery

Bauhinia has finally discovered a alchemy recipe: Flask of fortification.
She is proud to be a master alchemist with skill 375 and no specialization, at the experience level 50. The discovery rate of 0.1% as suggested estimate on wowwiki was more or less correct. This came as a pleasant surprise when she was brewing in Stormwind Auction House.

Last Saturday, I got the best whisper of the month from Deoradhain, my ever-pvp-counsellor, "do you want to join our premade?". I instantly replied "sure". After joining the premade and Teamspeak, I realized I missed them a lot. I was so pleasant to hear their voices again.
It was an AB-premade during an AV weekend, but I estimated we made as many honor as one can get from AV for the same amount of time. We won all except one, which was lost to a very close margain, 1950-2000. I would make an effort to join TTS premade every Saturday. Not just for the game, but mostly for the people.
May the Sun light your path!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Obituaries: Archbishop Benedictus and King Magni Bronzebeard

Last night, the hordes sneaked into Stormwind City and killed Archbishop Benedictus after a few attempts. There were rumors I heard afterwards, but most of the alliance were not prepared. The guards formed a shield to fight against the evil but finally they failed.
After that, these disgusting hordes hijacked the Deeprun Tram, slaughtering every single person who entered the tram. Clearly they were aiming for Lord of Ironforge.
I took an alternative road to Ironforge but I was too late. The throne was empty, the King was gone. It left behind a pile of skeleton.
May Archbishop Benedictus and King Magni Bronzebeard rest in peace and be resurrected soon.