Saturday, October 20, 2007

Panzerkin in action

Druids can tank in bear, but how about as moonkin? Few months ago I get in touch of this Guide to Moonkin Tanking. Lithanial has tanked heroics and Karazhan as moonkin, and his gear is top-of-the-line and his skills is imba.
Last Sunday, there was a short of tank for the Kara run, so I took the opportunity to try out panzerkin tanking. I have been collecting gear since I read the guide, so luckily I have some defense rating and bonus armor gear. My main focus was to to increase mitigation. I took on some +armor and +resilience gear without losing too much +spell hit and +spell damage. My gear is not as good as Lithanial's, but it worked. The healers were awesome.
I think any class can off-tank too (though armor would be a plus), they just need to work even harder on the gear and skills.

My Choice of Panzerkin gear:
Head: Antlers of Malorne
Neck: Brooch of Unquenchable Fury (for the hit raiting)
Back: Glided Thorium Cloak
Shoulder: Shoulderpads of Assassination (should be improved)
Chest: Windhawk Hauberk (should be improved)
Wrist: Manimal's Cinch (should be improved)
Gloves: Gloves of Malorne
Waist: Umberhowl's Collar (should be improved)
Legs: Moonchild Leggings (should be improved)
Feet: Veterans Wyrmhide Boots
Rings: Shermanar Great-Ring and Veteran's Band of Dominance
Trinket: Icon of the Silver Crescent and Timelapse Shard
Relic: Idol of the Avenger
Weapon: Merciless Gladiator's War Staff


Karathress - A healer's perspective

This fight is not very different than other fights.
The main difference is the random damage a healer would take. A combo of shadow bolt or water bolt or multishot or spitfire has proven to be fatal.
As a druid healer, I always have HoTs on my targets so they very seldom go under 50% HP.
Therefore, the most important thing is to keep myself alive, healing up the damage taken and also overhealing the expected damage incoming.

An oom healer can bandage but a dead one definitely can't heal.

More guides on Bosskillers.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Juicy rings from the Headless Horseman

Aethels says: Horseman rise...
Aethel says: Your time is nigh...
Aethel says: You felt death once...
Aethel says: Now, know demise!

Headless Horseman yells: It is over, your search is done! Let fate choose now, the righteous one.

This horseman each player can summon once a day. There isn't any save or limit on how many times you can participate. The fight is easy and very funny.
You can recover three rings, a plate helm, some broomsticks, a pumpkin helm, pumkin pet and a lot of candies. (Detailed info)
The Horseman's Signet Ring and Witching Band are comparable to those from Karazhan. If it's not free epics, what is it?

Cenarion Expedition's Hippogryph on PTR

Hit rating caps

Coriel summarized "Hit rating caps for bosses" on her blog.

The most notable points are
1. High caps for mages and paladins (164), and
2. Low caps for warlocks and shadow priests (76).

When I pointed out how little spell hit rating a shadow priest would need, a guildie pointed out that Focus Power is a deep discipline PvP talents, which PvE s-priest would never go for. But still a cap of 76 is less than half of what mages and paladins would need.

Can you feel the love of driud in Zul’Aman?

I can't.

Salthem has promised that:

Itemisation across the board is due to get some love with the introduction of
further content in patch 2.3 and beyond. Balance druids are particularly getting
some better attention in Zul'Aman in 2.3.
Yet the loot tables from ZA are very disappointing. Where is “the attention”? Dan O'Halloran outlined the items for each druid spec on wowinsider but all the balance items are actually caster items. So moonkins will continue to roll against mages, shadow priest and warlocks. Sorry clothies. Bracer of White Stag (dropped by Attumen in Karazhan) will continue to be the only epic leather spell-damage drop before Black Tempel and Hyjal Summit.

As a leatherworker, I’m upset about the lack of craftable items for druids also. Leatherworking patterns dropped in T5 and T6 instances are biased. In SSC and TK, there are BoE belts and BoP boots for hunters, rogues, feral druids, enchancement and elemental shamans. In BT, there are BoE bracers and BoP shoulders for hunters, rogues, resto druids and resto shamans. The only spec which is missing in both places is, non-surprisingly, balance druids.

End with the ranting. The good news is the Badge of Justice rewards. There are the PvE rewards corresponding to PvP Honor rewards/Arena rewards. Every spec in every class can trade the badges for their desired items when they want.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Al'ar is defeated

Last night, my guild - Genesis - had defeated the Pheonix God Al'ar situated inside the Tempest Keep in Netherstorm.
Al'ar is such a graceful pheonix and its colour is so astonishing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So you thought no one saw you

The guild hall is empty. Aethel walked around and took a seat at a corner. Scenes from the past flashed in front of her eyes.

Clifford dashed in with his full armor and he must be in a hurry.
Shacat did that same some other time. He dashed in and stopped suddenly. Zully left a few claw marks on the stone floor from the braking.
Leather balls were flying besides, over, in front and behind of Jomartion while he was talking. His patience threshold was challenged. Then Weick killed himself behind him, and I could almost hear his deep breathes.
Wasp was in a purple festival dress, and so was I. Same dress, well, it happens.
A mysterious mage came to the meeting, his face was hidden under his hood. When he lifted it, oh, that was Korgun.
Evocator stood beside Korgun and could not stand the flame. He took off his clothes but luckily not his guild tabard.
Gibknarf was in his heavy golden armor. He carried them with proud and dwarven muscle power.
Everyone formed a cirlce and Aethel was asked to stand in the middle. She was nervous. The officers announced her promotion, and members used their special abilities as celebration.

A tear slowly glided down her cheek. "See you around," she said and gently dried her tears.
Walking down the stairs, she wasn't sure where to go. She looked up to the sky and closed her eyes. The sun shined bright and dried her tears. She felt the warmth and took a moment to enjoy it in peace.

Suddenly someone poked her back with a dagger. Aethel picked up her staff and turned swiftly. The person had vanished. "I'll be watching you. Shape up!" a distant voice whispered.

The story was written for my departure of < The Tempered Sun > in order to join my boyfriend's guild < Genesis >. It was a difficult time for me to part with the friends I made there. TTS holds monthly guild meeting in the Dwarven District, Stormwind City. The meetings were very nice and friendly.

Elune's Makeover

After a long and hard fight in the Outlands, a voice deep in Aethel's heart said, "Go home, to Moonglade. And you should talk to shan'do also."
Aethel walked through a portal to Shattrah City then packed her bag for a long distance teleport to Moonglade.

Every night is the same in Moonglade. Loganaar still stands beside the moonwell as he did when Aethel used to mediate and sing to Elune there.

"Thero'shan Aethel", says Loganaar, "welcome back to Moonglade."
Aethel salutes to Loganaar and says, "Shan'do Loganaar, Elune'adore."
"What brings you here?" Loganaar asks.
"I seek peace. This moonwell used to calm my mind. Everything was peaceful when I was with the Sisters, until the war."
"The Sisters of Elune still question me for teaching you the druidic ways sometimes. You are a trained and skillful druid now. I saw your potential and you confirmed my judgement."
"Yes, I think druid is my nature but I will never forget the teaching from the Sisters."
"That was indeed your advantage as a diplomat for Darnassus serving Pristess Tyrande Whisperwind and Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm at the same time."
"It was a nice experience as a diplomat. I made many friends of different races. Shan'do, everything changes when Doom Lord Kazzak opened the Dark portal. Then now I serve the Cenarion Expedition. The war is weary."
"Thero'shan, believe in yourself and believe in your friends. This is your call. You have learned a lot but there are still more for you to learn. You must not give up."
Aethel nods, "Anu'dora. I should get rested and then return to my position."
"Peace you should have here in Moonglade as always. You know where to find me when you need guidance. Kaldorei, your family is expecting you."
Aethel smiles and curtsies to Loganaar.
"Please send my regards to the Sisters. Asha'falah, shan'do."
"Peace be with you. Ande'thoras'ethil." Loganaar bows.
The Black War Tiger dashes to Aethel's home.

Shan'do - Honored teacher
Thero'shan - Honored student
Elune'adore - Elune be with you
Kaldorei - Children of the stars
Anu'dora - Yes
Asha'falah - A farewell phrase
Ande'thoras'ethil - May your troubles be diminished

Originally published in The Tempered Sun website.