Friday, November 30, 2007

My second transmute discovery

It is a nice surprise. The price of these two primals on auction house are quite similar but most of the time primal water costs a few gold more. However, in terms of grinding, primal water is much easier to fish up from patches of pure water. A nice recipe to trigger more transmute discoveries.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moon king/queen crowned (by Blessing of Protection)

My new and cleaner UI

After a few days of confusion, I finally got used to my new and cleaner UI. I tried to not make too many changes to ease my adaptation. My view is wider and everything has its place. A minor problem is the chat window might be covered by the tooltip sometimes, but I have learned not to mouseover something pointless.

Addons I used are mostly from Wowace:

General interface
- eePanel: the black area in the bottom
- simpleMinimap: movable and size-able minimap
- Bartender3: Movable and size-able actionbars
- TradeBar: Easy access to your professions
- FuBar: Easy access to diverse addons
- ag_Unitframes: Nice looking unitframes

- SanityBag: Database for all your characters' bank, bags, mailbox.
- CraftList2: Search what all your characters can craft
- CT_MapMod: Have been using it for long, like its simplicity

- FishingAce: Make catch-sound louder and autoloot your catch.
- RatingBuster: Like EQcompare, compare your equipment stats.
- WhisperFu: Keep a record of your incoming and outgoing whisper, even when you're AFK.
- MCPFu: Change your addon load or unload option without logging out

General combat related mods
- Chronometer: to keep track of my DoTs and HoTs
- Quartz: to check my latency and my DoTs/HoTs on a certain target or focus target
- Itemrack: One click gear switch. It is almost a must for hybrid classes to have.
- TotemTimers: For my shaman alt, very handy and useful.
- Recount: Like DamageMeter but better, it gives you concrete data to see what needs to be improved.
- RegenFu: I like mp5 but I like to have higher non-casting regen, it shows when you've passed the 5sec rule.

Raid related mods
- Omen: A must for raider
- BigWig: A must for raider
- oRA2: Main tanks and their targets, ress monitor
- Grid: An almost must for healers, especially raid healers.
- VisualHeal: An almost must for healers, it heals all healers to coordinate healing and minimize overhealing without talking or typing.
- Decursive: Easy to remove poison, decurse, cleanse, dispell etc
- PallyPower: If your pallies use it, then you can see their blessing assignment and ask the appropriate person.