Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eye of the Dead

In line with maximizing Lifebloom's bonus healing, I came across this baby.
An epic from Naxxramas that can beat almost every items from TBC. I didn't have much time working for Argent Dawn nor raiding before the portal was opened. If your next 5 spells were Lifeblooms, it can be stacked up to 320 heal/sec.

Essence of Martyr: Equip and use = 381 healing = 107 heal/sec
Eye of the Dead: Equip and use = up to 520 healing = up to 150 heal/sec
Living root of the Wildheart: Proc = 326 healing = 91 heal/sec
It seems there is one more reason to mobilize some forces to Blackwing's Lair and Naxxramas.

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