Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One-click shapeshifting macro

From patch 2.3, "cancelform" would not share global cooldown anymore. So with the following macro, you can shapeshift instantly between forms.
/cast [button:2, modifier:shift] Moonkin form; [button:2] Tree of Life; [modifier:alt] Dire Bear Form; [modifier:shift] Cat form; [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable] Swift Flight Form;
Since Tree of Life form and Moonkin form would not co-exist, therefore, while resto-spec, shift-right-click to go to caster form; ans while balance-spec, right-click to go to caster form.

And you can jump out of cat or bear form, drink potions or use healthstones and instantly shift back.
/use Master Healthstone
/cast [modifier:shift] Cat form; Bear form

/use Super Health Potion
/cast [modifier:shift] Cat form; Bear form

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Anonymous said...

I am totally new to macros... I love this idea and am not sure how to use it. I tried to cut and paste into my macro GUI in the game but am unclear about how to bind it to a key... also I am feral so need to understand how to remove Moonkin & ToL and add Travel Form. Otherwise this is a great resource, thank you.