Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Public Test Realm for patch 2.4

Last week, I have been trying to copy my character to the public test realm (PTR). However the queue was long and full. Early on a morning, I finally managed to copy my characters to the PTR.

When I have downloaded and installed another patch update, it showed "Invalid Username or Password". I was using the same password for character copy and the password worked on live realm. Here's the explanation from Vaneras.

You may not be able to get onto the PTR if you have changed your password in the last 3 weeks. You can try to use an old password but there's no guarantee this will work.
It seems that I have bad luck. I changed my password few weeks ago and I cannot remember my old password. I change my password regularly in order to increase secruity. And part of the secruity is to protect or destroy any trace of your password. Now I can't login to PTR, because I am too cautious. It is just strange and bad luck. But I guess many other people are having the same problem. >:(

Nevertheless, my friend had his characters copied and been to Magister's Terrace a few times. Oh, I'm jealous but at least I could see it on his computer, or maybe even play his character a bit. ^^

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