Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ghost wolf pet, no more.

After patch 2.3 went live, ghost wolf was a hot hunter rare pet and it would be more rare now. Many hunters have tamed this almost-mission-impossible Grimtotem Spirit Guide (aka ghostwolf). Until recently CM Drysc announced that Blizzard has finally put a stop on it almost two months after the patch. Luckily, for those who has tamed one, they will not disappear.
The taming process was challenging since the ghost wolf will despawn in exactly 8 seconds. With taming beast spell lasts 20 sec. to cast, a hunter would need to increase spell haste through Mystic Skyfire Diamond proc and Drum of Battle or Shaman's Bloodlust.
I don't understand why Blizzard took away this challenging and fun taming possibility.
Luckily one of my guildmate has tamed one so I had a chance to adore its beauty.

(Picture courtesy via Mania's Arcania)

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