Friday, January 18, 2008


Randy Deluxe on The Instance, my favorite WoW-podcast, asked for a good buffing addon. Within one week he received lots of tips and a segment reply from Patrik. He recommended SmartBuffand I downloaded it immediately to try.
With PallyPower, Ise the tankadin can "bless" the entire battleground players. And now with SmartBuff, Aethel can also buff the entire battleground players with Mark of the wild. Before that, some random lucky players can get the buff, but now everyone in range can have that.
Also for raiding, I can buff the recently ressed players without scratching my head to remember who was dead.
There is some delay in detecting group buff, however I hope I can work around it when I'm more familiar with it.
PallyPower is still better in quick managing blessings since it shows time-left and who miss my blessings.
Except for paladins, this is a great mod!

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SportChick said...

SmartDebuff is also a nice add-on, if you aren't using it already. It provides a small frame from which you can easily see whether a player is low on health and/or mana, and whether the player needs to be de-cursed, -poisoned, -magic'd, etc.