Monday, January 28, 2008

Must read: Simplified WoW Lore

Dawnbow on US-Runetotem wrote a simplified WoW Lore on WoW forum.
This is a very comprehensive and read-friendly summary over the history of Warcraft.
Some people replied that not all the point were acurrate. But com'on, at least this guy tried to explain to newbies about the lore.
WoW is the only warcraft game I have ever played. I have tried to read through WoWwiki about the lores, but this really give me a general concept about how things are linked together. So to speak, the red thread along all the stories.
You might find out why gnomes are not smarter than they should, why trolls get so much love in their story and why the blood elves are so mean.
Thumbs up to Dawnbow!

The Legion will fall!

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