Saturday, February 2, 2008

Handy resto druid macros

I have macro on all the most used spells. Here is a few which have helped me in healing a lot.

First up, this one (1) links the trinket use to the spells and (2) saves your target finding.

#showtooltip Lifebloom
/use 13
/use 14
/cast [modifier:alt, target=player] Lifebloom; [help] Lifebloom; [target=targettarget] Lifebloom
(1) Change Lifebloom into Wrath, Tiger Fury or other spells. It saves the time to click two button at once. Slot 13 is the upper trinket, slot 14 is the lower one. The main advantage is that it saves time to change name of the trinkets when you have an upgrade or when you change trinkets for different encounters. If the trinket effects do not share the same cooldown, it will automatically use both. If it doesn't matter which one to use, then change /use to /userandom for randomly using one of them; else remove one of the lines and keep your favorite trinket use.
(2) The second part /cast line allow you to heal the target's target, which is very useful in battleground and the boss' current target. Else it works like a normal non-macro spell button; when you press Alt-button, you heal yourself.

Druids' combat ress are valuable. So every druid should have some sort macro or addon so that no two druids are combat ressing the same player. It will automatically say it in bubble and in raid chat who you are resurrecting and also a whisper to your ress target. However, the resurrection will not work if the target has released to graveyard.
/stopmacro [harm]
/stopmacro [nodead]
/cast [help,dead] Rebirth
/s Resurrecting %t.
/ra Resurrecting %t.
/script SendChatMessage(" = Aethel is resurrecting you = but it won't work if you've released.", "WHISPER", "Common", UnitName("target"));

Druids are rather weak in fast heals but Nature's Swiftness is our friend. Basically, right-click it for instant big Healing Touch (you'll be shift out of tree automatically) or left-click it for instant Regrowth. Similar to the first macro; when you press Alt-button, you heal yourself.
When my shammy is going resto, I can just add "Healing Wave" to the end of this macro and then it will also work for her since the spell name is the same.

#showtooltip Nature's Swiftness
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [modifier:alt, button:2, target=player] Healing Touch; [button:2, help] Healing Touch; [modifier:alt, target=player] Regrowth; [help] Regrowth;

Tranquility is great when you are grouped with tanks and during big AoE damage. To make sure you get most out of it, right-click it for Barkskin, and then left-click for Tranquility. If you're sure you won't be interrupted, then simply left-click to save a global cooldown.
#showtooltip Tranquility
/cast [button:2] Barkskin; Tranquility

The last macro has been mentioned in a previous post. In short, get a staff with a lot of spirit, make a spirit enchant on it, and then right-click when you want to innervate yourself (auto switch staff) and left-click after your innervate or when you innervate someone else.
#showtooltip Innervate
/equip [button:2] Staff of Divine Infusion
/cast [button:2, target=player] Innervate; Innervate
/equip [nostance; button 1] Merciless Gladiator's War Staff
/equip [button:1] Light's Justice
/equip [button:1] Talisman of the Sun King

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