Friday, October 19, 2007

Can you feel the love of driud in Zul’Aman?

I can't.

Salthem has promised that:

Itemisation across the board is due to get some love with the introduction of
further content in patch 2.3 and beyond. Balance druids are particularly getting
some better attention in Zul'Aman in 2.3.
Yet the loot tables from ZA are very disappointing. Where is “the attention”? Dan O'Halloran outlined the items for each druid spec on wowinsider but all the balance items are actually caster items. So moonkins will continue to roll against mages, shadow priest and warlocks. Sorry clothies. Bracer of White Stag (dropped by Attumen in Karazhan) will continue to be the only epic leather spell-damage drop before Black Tempel and Hyjal Summit.

As a leatherworker, I’m upset about the lack of craftable items for druids also. Leatherworking patterns dropped in T5 and T6 instances are biased. In SSC and TK, there are BoE belts and BoP boots for hunters, rogues, feral druids, enchancement and elemental shamans. In BT, there are BoE bracers and BoP shoulders for hunters, rogues, resto druids and resto shamans. The only spec which is missing in both places is, non-surprisingly, balance druids.

End with the ranting. The good news is the Badge of Justice rewards. There are the PvE rewards corresponding to PvP Honor rewards/Arena rewards. Every spec in every class can trade the badges for their desired items when they want.

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