Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Elune's Makeover

After a long and hard fight in the Outlands, a voice deep in Aethel's heart said, "Go home, to Moonglade. And you should talk to shan'do also."
Aethel walked through a portal to Shattrah City then packed her bag for a long distance teleport to Moonglade.

Every night is the same in Moonglade. Loganaar still stands beside the moonwell as he did when Aethel used to mediate and sing to Elune there.

"Thero'shan Aethel", says Loganaar, "welcome back to Moonglade."
Aethel salutes to Loganaar and says, "Shan'do Loganaar, Elune'adore."
"What brings you here?" Loganaar asks.
"I seek peace. This moonwell used to calm my mind. Everything was peaceful when I was with the Sisters, until the war."
"The Sisters of Elune still question me for teaching you the druidic ways sometimes. You are a trained and skillful druid now. I saw your potential and you confirmed my judgement."
"Yes, I think druid is my nature but I will never forget the teaching from the Sisters."
"That was indeed your advantage as a diplomat for Darnassus serving Pristess Tyrande Whisperwind and Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm at the same time."
"It was a nice experience as a diplomat. I made many friends of different races. Shan'do, everything changes when Doom Lord Kazzak opened the Dark portal. Then now I serve the Cenarion Expedition. The war is weary."
"Thero'shan, believe in yourself and believe in your friends. This is your call. You have learned a lot but there are still more for you to learn. You must not give up."
Aethel nods, "Anu'dora. I should get rested and then return to my position."
"Peace you should have here in Moonglade as always. You know where to find me when you need guidance. Kaldorei, your family is expecting you."
Aethel smiles and curtsies to Loganaar.
"Please send my regards to the Sisters. Asha'falah, shan'do."
"Peace be with you. Ande'thoras'ethil." Loganaar bows.
The Black War Tiger dashes to Aethel's home.

Shan'do - Honored teacher
Thero'shan - Honored student
Elune'adore - Elune be with you
Kaldorei - Children of the stars
Anu'dora - Yes
Asha'falah - A farewell phrase
Ande'thoras'ethil - May your troubles be diminished

Originally published in The Tempered Sun website.

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