Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first alchemy discovery

Bauhinia has finally discovered a alchemy recipe: Flask of fortification.
She is proud to be a master alchemist with skill 375 and no specialization, at the experience level 50. The discovery rate of 0.1% as suggested estimate on wowwiki was more or less correct. This came as a pleasant surprise when she was brewing in Stormwind Auction House.

Last Saturday, I got the best whisper of the month from Deoradhain, my ever-pvp-counsellor, "do you want to join our premade?". I instantly replied "sure". After joining the premade and Teamspeak, I realized I missed them a lot. I was so pleasant to hear their voices again.
It was an AB-premade during an AV weekend, but I estimated we made as many honor as one can get from AV for the same amount of time. We won all except one, which was lost to a very close margain, 1950-2000. I would make an effort to join TTS premade every Saturday. Not just for the game, but mostly for the people.
May the Sun light your path!

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