Saturday, November 3, 2007

Druid items on Patch 2.3 (Feral)

Previously I discussed about the new items for druid from patch 2.3, here I continue with new the feral tanking gear.

There are only four new feral tanking items from the patch, and in my opinion one should go for all.

Chest: Vestments of hibernation gives strength and agility but you would lose the defense rating from Heavy Clefthoof Vest.
Feet: If you're a leatherworker, it is an imperative to make a pair of Boots of Natural Grace. Else, an upgrade from Heavy Clefthoof Boots or Zierhut's Lost Treads would be Footwraps of Wild Encroachment.
Hands: If you can't lay hand on the tier 4 gloves, Sorry, try out another department, ask the Arena goblin.
Head: Same as hands, if you didn't have luck for the tier 4 head, keep trying. Cowl of Beastly Rage is very nice but that's also 50 badges you can use for other parts.
Legs: Same as hands. :(
Shoulders: same as hands, again. :((
Waist: If you can find a leatherworker to make you a Belt of Natural Power, then you can save 60 badges for Waistguard of the Great Beast.
Wrist: Band of the Swift Paw, the best you can find from the PvE loots.

Blizzard really need to give druid tanks more itemizations. In summary, grind arena gear and heroics/Kara/ZA for BoJ, then save your DKP for the tier tokens.

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