Thursday, November 1, 2007

How did Hallow's End end for you?

Hallow's End is over now and I hope everyone got some gifts and candies.
I have got all three rings and sort of earned 25 Badge of Justice since Witching Band is exactly the same as Band of Halos.
I'm saving the candies in order to walk faster in ToL form.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to grind the lovely pet Sinister Squashing. I will have to wait until next year. And by then, I hope I'll have bag spaces fore these non-combat pets. Here are some pictures to share.

Flying on a broom. Caution: This is not very stable.

Tricked! You're a critter.

The male gnome and male troll mask are the best of all.

My favorite costumes are:
"You feel larger... and organer..." I'm an orange tree. ^^
Reaching the fish schools far off the coast has never been so easy, I'm in ghost costume.
Using hearthstone in wisp costume is quite cool, but I missed it while looking for a good angle.

Other costumes:

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